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Description and Argument

What are essays? An essay is generally an essay that is written to expresses the author’s point viewpoint, but the definition isn’t clear that it is a lot like the definitions of an essay an article, a report, an article, and even a short writing linear equations story, pamphlet or a short poem or song. Although essays are generally categorized as formal and academic however, there are some pieces that can be classified in both. For this discussion, we will look at only written works submitted to and accepted by academic or professional academic institutions.

What makes essays different from other kinds of writing? Essays are more organized than documents and essays usually include at least some background information, typically in the outline of an essay to support the main elements of the document. The structure of an essay is intended to be a support for the arguments of the author(s). The structure of these essays is determined by the subject of the writing. There are essays that are based entirely on the writer’s argument or theory. These essays may, however, contain an abundance of background information that does not support the argument(s).

The most commonly used types of essays are : topical arguments, exegetical narrative, descriptive expository, critical and interpretive. Particular topics for essay examples include the fields of history and social science literature and culture, mathematics and engineering, religion and spirituality as well as psychology and politics. As previously mentioned these are just a few of the main kinds but there are many more, including hybrid types that combine elements of many of these themes or overlap within certain kinds.

A brief but interesting way to visualize the structure of these diverse types of essays is to think of the form of a diagram of a tree. The apex is located near the top of every branch. Every point in the tree is linked to every other point with a smaller extension, until there is only one branch at the bottom. An essay supports its primary topic by providing an argument or an argument or.

The most commonly used argument in essays is a principal idea that is backed by evidence and argumentative sentences, supported by facts or examples. The thesis statement serves as the primary argument, and the evidence is the evidence used to support it. The majority of essays contain a thesis statement which summarizes the most important point(s) of the essay.

Another argument that is often used in essays is that the argument has an element of evidence that is convincing enough to convince readers.reader(s). A narrative is one type of essay that uses this method of argumentation. Narrative essays can be like stories in that the writer tells only a small portion of the story as if it were true. These essays don’t make any claims that go beyond the content of the story. When paired with other kinds of arguments the narrative style of essays can prove effective.

A five-paragraph essay can be described as a simplified version of an essay narrative. Five paragraph essays are written to support a primary idea. Five paragraph essays usually begins with an introduction, where the writer takes up the thesis statement, and then goes on to outline the primary elements of the essay. A five-paragraph essay doesn’t require convincing readers, since the aim is to convey the information in a structured manner , and then conclude with a strong and appropriate conclusion. Since many of the rules for writing narrative essays are similar to the five paragraph essay Many five paragraph essays are constructed using the same methods and formulas.

The descriptive essay is a variant of the narrative essay. It is more focused on describing things rather than making assertions. The main difference between the two styles of essays lies in the focus placed on various parts of the essay. Whereas a narrative essay employs mostly or only the voice of the author, a descriptive essay often makes use of illustrations or anecdotes to illustrate its arguments. It also makes use of the past as a way to present the future. Combining both styles is beneficial for students. It allows them to develop their own style and gives them the freedom to complete their assignments without being influenced by the instructor’s perspective.

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