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Tennessee is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. The state is bordered by 8 states, in the north direction by Kentucky, on the east by North Carolina, on the south by 3 states Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, on the northeast direction by Virginia, to the west by Arkansas and on the northwest direction by Missouri. The state’s western border is covered by the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains cover its eastern part. The largest city of the state is Nashville and it was the capital too. Memphis is the second-largest city and has more population too.


These are the top cities in Tennessee

S.No Name of the cities Population Latitude/Longitude
1 Memphis 655,770 35.15 / -90.049
2 Nashville 530,852 36.166 / -86.784
3 Knoxville 185,291 35.961 / -83.921
4 Chattanooga 176,588 35.046 / -85.31
5 East Chattanooga 154,024 35.065 / -85.249


Most commonly abused substance Tennessee


Substance abuse in Tennessee


Substance abuse treatment in Tennessee


S.No Name of the drug Number people received treatment percentage
1 Opiates 5409 36%
2 Alcohol 4201 28%
3 Marijuana 2233 15%
4 Cocaine 1276 9%
5 Methamphetamines 1298 9%
6 Other Substances 499 3%


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While compared to the other states in the country, Tennessee particularly has a decreasing graph on the level of addicts. But the range should have some sustainability over the years. A lot of effort and amount were spent by the government on the welfare of their people by providing timely awareness to the people, the right kind of message at the right time. There were many treatment facility outlets in the state for both inpatient and outpatient. We addictionaide listed treatment centers in Tennessee you can check our website to know more about the amenities and features available in that particular center, even if you wish to travel outside your place, we can help you with some best suggestions. Contact us for a free assessment.


Current captions about Drug abuse in Tennessee


1 in 20 people were addicted to alcohol


Drug overdoses

In 2015, 1,451 died from drug overdoses.

Opioid overdose

1,200 residents losing their lives to opioid overdose in 2014

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