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South Carolina is a state located in the Southeastern United States. The state is bordered by North Carolina in the north, by the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, and Georgia in the southwest direction across the Savannah River. South Carolina is the 23rd most populous and the 40th most extensive state in the USA. The capital of the state is Columbia and the largest city is Charleston. The largest metropolitan area is Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin. The state is named after King Charles I of England.



These are the top cities in South Carolina:

S.No Name of the cities Population Latitude/Longitude
1 Columbia 133,803 34.001 / -81.035
2 Charleston 132,609 32.777 / -79.931
3 North Charleston 108,304 32.855 / -79.975
4 Mt. Pleasant 81,317 32.794 / -79.863
5 Rock Hill 71,548 34.925 / -81.025


Most commonly abused drugs


Substance Abuse Statistics



Substance abuse treatment

For a substance use disorder, nearly 16032 people received treatment in South Carolina.

S.No Name of the drug Number people received treatment percentage
1 Alcohol 7100 44%
2 Marijuana 4719 29%
3 Opiates 2057 13%
4 Cocaine 1039 7%
5 Meth 797 5%
6 Other 320 2%


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Drug and alcohol abuse or dependency in the state was a common problem for the people in South Carolina. The state is recorded with many emergency admissions for overdoses. ADHD problem among the kids is seen at some point in their life of about 16% of people among the total population. The government takes many initiative steps for the well being of the people. It has opened many treatment centers and a lot of therapies were provided in order to make anyone sober. Along with government organizations, there were many NGO’s who spread awareness about addiction and ill effects. If you are looking for a treatment center nearby, check our website addictionaide to know the center’s features and amenities. You can even talk to our expert for a free assessment.

Current captions about Drug abuse in South Carolina



In 2015, 594 deaths due to opioid overdose



Nearly 240,000 (5.9% ) people had diagnosed with alcohol abuse in 2015.

Opioid prescriptions

In 2015, 4.5 million opioid prescriptions were dispensed

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