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Missouri is a beautiful place situated in the Midwestern United. It is the 18th-most populated state of the united states. The capital is Jefferson City. The Missouri River, after which the state named, flows through the center of the state into the Mississippi River, which makes up Missouri’s eastern border. The Square kilometer of Missouri is 180,561. A tribe of Sioux Indians was named as Missouris. Now we shortly call it Missouri. Cave restaurant is the most famous place for travelers. The Gateway Arch in St.Louis is the tallest man-made national monument in the United States of America.


In the below chart, we have listed populated cities in Missouri.



S.No Name of the cities Population Latitude/Longitude
1 Kansas City 476,974 39.09973 / 94.57857
2 St.Louis 314,867 38.62727 / 90.19789
3 Springfield 165,785 37.194152 / 93.291305
4 Columbia 118,620 38.947939 / 92.326097
5 Independence 117,369 39.091118 / 94.415504


The barbecues of Kansas City and St.Louis are found in the state and beyond. The beer brewing was set-up in Missouri as a major center, in the world Anheuser-Busch is one the largest producer in the world. Rhineland and Ozarks are the places that producers wine in Missouri. The GDP $43,317 was the per capita in the year 2016, out of which $7,260 was lesser than the U.S. $4.13% per capita is higher today when compared in the past 5 years in 2011. During this period the population gradually grew by 82,283, and the personal income of the people in Missouri was $ 266.9 billion.


Substance abuse in Missouri

Substance abuse can have devastating effects on one’s physical health. Physical effects of cocaine may include heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, and seizures. Chronic, long-term use of methamphetamine can result in psychotic behavior, hallucinations, and stroke. Abuse of prescription drugs may lead to paranoia, dangerously high body temperatures, and irregular heartbeat. In 2006 54,161 Missouri hospital and emergency room visits were related to alcohol and 43,981 were drug-related. Costs for these visits totaled $77.2 million. During the same year, 808 deaths in Missouri were drug-related and 369 were alcohol-related. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates the economic cost of premature death due to alcohol and drugs is $350,000 per person. The loss of Missouri lives due to substance abuse, amounts to $411.9 million per year. The government of the state introduces many relapse prevention plans too.


The most commonly abused substance in Missouri is mentioned below.





Missouri addiction and treatment




Travel for treatment in Missouri

The Divisional of Behavioral Health (DBH), formerly the Divisions of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, is responsible for assuring the availability of substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for the State of Missouri. Families and individuals should use services when they need help. There are lot many therapies called Evidence-based treatment for both individuals and group.


SAMHSA’s National Helpline




If you are struggling with addiction, SAMHSA helps you to find local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations.​




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Current captions about Drug abuse in Missouri


Illicit drugs

In 2013-2014, 9,000 youth were addicted to illicit drugs



From 2012-2016, 81% increase in heroin overdose deaths

Drug Overdose Death Rates

In 2016, 1371 people lost their lives due to drug overdose

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