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Minnesota is a state located in the Great Lakes, Upper Midwest, and northern regions of the United States. It is also known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” as it has the larger number of lakes. It is the 22nd most populous and 12th largest in area of the U.S. states. The state is responsible for intensive agriculture and has deciduous forests in the southeast. The economy of the state has been diversifiable increased as the state develops from its traditional activities like agriculture and resource extraction to services and finance.


Largest cities in Minnesota

S.No Name of the cities Population Latitude/Longitude
1 Minneapolis 410,939 44.98 / -93.264
2 Saint Paul 285,068 44.944 / -93.093
3 Rochester 112,225 44.022 / -92.47
4 Bloomington 86,435 44.841 / -93.298
5 Duluth 86,110 46.783 / -92.107


Most commonly abused substance in Minnesota


Substance abuse statistics

Alabama is one of the most attractive states in the United States of America, however, this state is not only famous for all beautiful view site, Industries like steel-making, hydroelectric power, mining (limestone, coal, iron ore), and agriculture (poultry, corn, peanuts, cotton, soybeans, and livestock). but Alabama is a state which is also popularly filled with substance abuse like drugs and alcohol



Minnesota Substance abuse


Substance abuse statistics


Substance abuse treatment


S.No Name of the drug Number people received treatment percentage
1 Alcohol 22796 41%
2 Opiates 10990 20%
3 Cocaine 1648 16%
4 Marijuana 8491 3%
5 Methamphetamines 10087 18%
6 Methamphetamines 1334 2%


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Current captions about Drug abuse in Minnesota



From 2015-2016, a 9.2% rise in drug overdose deaths



About 24 % of all motor vehicle accidents are associated with abuse of alcohol in 2015.


An estimate of 38% of high school learners was involved in binge drinking.

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