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Michigan is a state located in the Midwestern and Great Lakes region of the United States. The name for the state is derived from Ojibwe word mishigamaa, which means large lake or large water. It is the 10th most populous and the 11th most extensive total area, it is the largest state which encomposses the total area east of the Mississippi River. Lansing is the capital of the state and Detroit is the largest city in the state.


Largest cities in Michigan:

S.No Name of the cities Population Latitude/Longitude
1 Detroit 677,116 42.331 / -83.046
2 Grand Rapids 195,097 42.963 / -85.668
3 Warren 134,056 42.49 / -83.013
4 Sterling Heights 132,052 42.58 / -83.03
5 Ann Arbor 117,070 42.278 / -83.741


Most commonly abused substances in Michigan


Substance abuse statistics


Substance abuse treatment

For a substance use disorder nearly 55180 people received treatment in Michigan in 2015.

S.No Name of the drug Number people received treatment percentage
1 Opiates 24260 44%
2 Alcohol 19441 35%
3 Marijuana 5957 11%
4 Cocaine 3672 7%
5 Other 1264 3%
5 Meth 936 2%


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Even though the state bears a long freshwater coastline, the exchange of drugs in the state is the major problem. The people in the state suffer from addiction-related issues, to help the people of the state government opens many treatment centers near their area, to give them a peaceful lifestyle. If you find you or your loved one suffering from these kinds of addiction, try to help them with the exact kind of therapy which helps then to recovery from addiction. Addictionaide helps you to find the right center near you, get a call from us to help you with the list of treatment centers that guides you towards recovery and sobriety.

Current captions about Drug abuse in Michigan



Nearly 4 million more opioid prescriptions were written in 2014.



For schedule II drugs, about 745 million prescriptions were written.


An estimated 32% of Hydrocodone prescription drug was written.

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