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Massachusetts is another state which has called with the prefix “Commonwealth”, officially known as Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the most populous state located in the northeastern part of the United States. It is bordered in the east by the Atlantic ocean and in the south by Connecticut and Rhode Island, in the north direction by New Hampshire and Vermont, to the west by New York. Boston is the capital of the state. During the industrial revolution the state has been transformed into a manufacturing center, before that it is originally dependent on agriculture, trade and fishing.


Largest cities in Massachusetts

S.No Name of the cities Population Latitude/Longitude
1 Boston 667,137 42.358 / -71.06
2 Worcester 184,815 42.263 / -71.802
3 Springfield 154,341 42.101 / -72.59
4 Lowell 110,699 42.633 / -71.316
5 Cambridge 110,402 42.375 / -71.106


Most commonly abused substance in Massachusetts


Substance abuse in Massachusetts

Substance abuse treatment

In Massachusetts, For a substance use disorder nearly 91,164 people received treatment in 2015.

S.No Name of the drug Number people received treatment Percentage
1 Opiates 53644 59%
2 Alcohol 29588 32%
3 Marijuana 3456 4%
4 Cocaine 2696 3%
5 Methamphetamines 239 1%
6 Other Substances 1541 1%


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Massachusetts is the most populous state, which is a hub for the industrial area, a quickly developed state too has many problems with addiction. Government offers many awareness problems, offers after care counselling facilities and has opened many treatment centers to help the people to have a happy and healthier life. We, addiction aide provides you with a lot of treatment centers near you, you can choose the best kind of therapy which suits you. Even if you wish to travel outside of your state for treatment, we are here to help you with multiple options, to guide and help you on your recovery process.

Current captions about Drug abuse in Massachusetts



From 2012-2014, 1003 people lost their lives in crashes involving alcohol.


Drug treatment

In 2014, nearly 104,233 people admitted to drug treatment.

Number of Addicts

383,000 people were addicted to alcohol

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