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Maryland is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States It is bordered in the West by Virginia, the south and west region by District of Columbia; in north by Pennsylvania and in the east by Delaware. The largest city in the state is Baltimore, and the capital of Maryland is Annapolis. The borders of the state has abundant water lines and coastal areas, Baltimore has the major seaport and has a long history.


Largest cities in Maryland

S.No Name of the cities Population Latitude/Longitude
1 Baltimore 621,849 39.29 / -76.612
2 Columbia 99,615 39.24 / -76.839
3 Germantown 86,395 39.173 / -77.272
4 Silver Spring 71,452 38.991 / -77.026
5 Frederick 69,479 39.414 / -77.411


Most commonly abused substance in Maryland


Substance abuse in Maryland


Substance abuse treatment

In 2014, for substance use disorder about 40,355 people received treatment.


S.No Name of the drug Number people received treatment Percentage
1 Heroin 14,475 35.9%
2 Marijuana 7,395 18.3%
3 Alcohol 6,821 16.9%
4 Alcohol & other drug 4,345 10.8%
5 Prescription opioids 3,804 9.4%
6 Cocaine 2,315 5.8%
7 Tranquilizers 448 1.1%
8 PCP 358 0.9%
9 Amphetamines 93 0.2%


In Maryland, for substance use disorder about 107,509 people received treatment in the year 2015

S.No Name of the drug Percentage
1 Alcohol 18%
2 Opiates 20%
3 Marijuana 15%
4 Cocaine 3%
5 Methamphetamines 0%
6 Other Substances 44%

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The state is covered by waterways and by means the supply of drugs into the state is easier. Maryland has observed with increased drug dependency ratio in the past years. The state government takes many steps to help the people, by opening many treatment centers. Not only government organizations but the private organization too has many treatment centers offering a wide range of therapies to help the people in the state. Government and non-profitable organization offer many health care and awareness programs, to counsel the people towards addiction recovery and sobriety. Addictionaide provides you a list of treatment centers in your nearby area, you can check their features and amenities, even you can give a call to get help or to have a secret survey.

Current captions about Drug abuse in Maryland


Prescription opioids

In 2016, 53 % of people included prescription opioids.



Nearly 45 % of people included fentanyl.


About 43 % of people included heroin.

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