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It is located in the North-Western corner of South America. Columbia has an area of 1,138,903 square kilometers (439,733 square miles) and a total coastline of 3,207 kilometers (1,993 miles) distributed between the Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean. Colombia is one-ninth the size of the United States. It is a country of 46 million people named after Christopher Columbus who arrived in America in the 1400s. The fourth-largest country in South America. Columbia’s capital, Bogota is a bustling urban area of over eight million people.


In the below chart, we have listed populated cities in Columbia

S.No Name of the cities Population Latitude/Longitude
1 Bogota 8,181,047 4.624335 / 74.063644
2 Medellin 2,529,403 6,15,6.62 / 75,3348.92
3 Cali 2,445,405 3.359889 / 76.638565
4 Barranquilla 1,232,462 10,58,6.74 / 74,46,52.75
5 Cartagena 1,036,134 10,23,58.99 / 75,30,51.98


Located near the equator, Columbia’s varied geography encompasses mountain highlands, arid plateaus, lush rain forests, and tropical Caribbean beaches. The country is home to a wide range of plant and animal species. Columbia is a major exporter of flowers, particularly roses to the US and European markets as well as coffee, leather and other agricultural goods. It has a GDP of $ 791.995 billion with per capita $ 15,719 and nominal GDP of $355.163 billion with per capita of $ 7,049.


Substance abuse in Columbia

The nature of drugs and alcohol consumption among urban poor communities in Columbia. It also looks at levels of community tolerance of drug and alcohol use, and in particular at the complex ways in which these attitudes relate to levels of violence and insecurity. The paper, drawing on the perceptions of the poor themselves, argues for the need to take the issue of community tolerance into account in designing responses which need to have sustainable development for the achieving the goals and it should be effective in nature.


The most commonly abused substance in Columbia are mentioned below with percentage.



Columbia addiction and treatment


columbia Substance abuse


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A context-specific approach and an understanding of community tolerance of substance abuse are essential in order to understand local-level consumption. While the acceptance of drug consumption has grown over time, especially in Columbia, the fact that alcohol abuse has been considered normal for many years makes it a more insidious problem. The violence associated with substance abuse was shown to contribute strongly to urban insecurity, as well as to erosion of social capital in local communities. Thus, the paper argues for the need to develop holistic responses that link projects to wider sustainable development goals and the importance of taking into account the issue of community tolerance.


Current captions about Drug abuse in Columbia



Nearly 37 % of individuals were arrested in Washington, D.C. tested positive for cocaine in 200.


Marijuana abuse

439 individuals were hospitalized due to synthetic marijuana abuse in June 2015.

HIV transmission rates

HIV transmission rates between intravenous drug abusers dropped by 80 % from 2007 to 2015.

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