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Sonata is a nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic drug from the pyrazolopyrimidine class. This drug is extensively used to treat insomnia. It is a sedative-hypnotic drug where Sonata is the brand name for zaleplon. Lunesta and Ambien are the most prominently prescribed drugs for sleep aid in America.

Sonata activates the neurotransmitter called Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This reduces the rate of mental activity, blocks anxiety, and stress feelings. This sedative produces a calming effect to help patients get a peaceful and deep sleep. Sonata is usually consumed in the form of a tablet or capsule. Street names for Sonate include downers, tanks, and sleep easy. They come under the category of Z-drugs.

Effects Of Sonata Drug

Sonata is one of the most effective sleeping pills available. This makes it the most consumed for accidental and recreational abuse. Lunesta and Ambien are considered habit-forming but Sonata is not a habit-forming drug. It can cause withdrawal symptoms when stopped consuming after continuous usage of 2 weeks. Deviation from the amount prescribed by the doctor is considered abuse of the drug. People exposed to Sonata abuse tend to encounter a euphoric rush associated with hallucinations, blackouts, or intermittent memory loss. Sonata abusing people tend to consume the drug by snorting the contents by either breaking open the capsule or crushing the tablets. Sonata can be responsible for unusual activities like sleepwalking, sleep-driving, and eating, even indulging in sexual activity without any memory of them involving in those activities. This condition is called parasomnia. Staying forcefully awake after the consumption of drugs can increase the risk of unconscious behavior.

Side Effects Of Sonata

Side effects of Sonata

In most people, the consumption of Sonata sleeping pills can cause severe allergic reactions. In case you notice any allergic reaction immediately consult your doctor. Symptoms of allergic reactions include swelling on the face, lips, tongue, or throat, difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, and hives. Elderly people are more likely to get affected with adverse reactions to Sonata.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Agitation
  • Aggression
  • Self-harming thoughts
  • Trouble in memory
  • Unusual impatient behavior and activity
  • Confused
  • Hallucinations

As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, you should refrain from consuming Sonata or you can always reach out to your doctor and explain the problems you are facing.

Sonata can show some side effects to an extent in a few people. The side effects include a feeling of a hangover, daytime drowsiness, light-headed feeling, facing difficulties in coordinating, fatigue, tingling, feeling prickly on the skin, numbness, hallucinations, Amnesia, headache, abdominal pain, tremors, and extreme mood swings. These are among the few side effects caused by Sonata among many others. Sonata is considered less potent when compared to other Z-drugs. They can lead to fatality and death when consumed along with alcohol, it interrupts the functioning of the respiratory system. In most attempted suicide cases people have taken drastic steps under the influence of Sonata and there also contained traces of Sonata when examined.

Warnings Related To Sonata

As mentioned earlier, Sonata is associated with various allergic reactions. As you tend to notice any irregularities in your body or body functioning immediately reach out to your doctor mentioning the same. Avoid consumption of alcohol while on the prescription of Sonata. Sonata can impair your thinking and reaction process. Selling or buying Sonata without a prescription is considered illegal and can get you into legal trouble. You may experience withdrawal symptoms like any other drugs after prolonged usage for about 2 weeks, hence consult your doctor before you stop consuming Sonata. Sonata is not recommended for pregnant ladies. Though there are no reports of any problems in pregnant women when consuming Sonata. Although animal research shows that there is a declined growth in the fetus during pre and postnatal growth. Reports also showed an increased number of stillbirths, postnatal mortality, stunted physical development, and in female babies disorders infertility. Though all these have been reported in animals, pregnant women are also prohibited from consuming Sonata.

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Sonata Addiction

Sonata Addiction

Identifying addicted Sonata people is an intimidating task. Your own family members and friends may have fallen prey to Sonata, yet you cannot spot them. The signs of Sonata addiction and the initial stages when you begin consuming prescribed Sonata may look similar to each other. You can always look out for behavioral changes in them. Few of them include obtaining multiple prescriptions of the drug, unprescribed usage of the drug, and consumption of sonata sleeping pill dosage beyond prescribed levels is also considered abuse. People complain of experiencing rebound symptoms during the quitting phase. Rebound symptoms are notorious and can be difficult to pass through the phase. People who have prolonged exposure to Sonata for sleeping might have trouble sleeping after stopping the consumption. Symptoms of addiction include aggressive behavior for the usage of Sonata, facing trouble in quitting even after numerous attempts, ignoring regular responsibilities at work or home, functioning difficulties without Sonata, irregular pattern of using Sonata, uncontrolled cravings to consume Sonata, indulging in illicit activities like stealing to acquire Sonata, irregular intake pattern leading to drowsiness and sleepy feeling, deviating from the prescribed pattern in quantity, increased tolerance towards Sonata, withdrawal symptoms after controlling the use of Sonata, involving in dangerous behaviors under the influence of Sonata sleeping pill, and distancing away from family and friends. It is always recommended to not use it while traveling and also when you do not have plenty of hours to sleep or rest. As waking up without the complete effect of Sonata get you in trouble, so always be careful.

Treatment and Recovery of Sonata Addiction: Treatment of Sonata Addiction involves three main phases, namely: the initial treatment phase, the long-term treatment phase, and the recovery phase.

The initial treatment phase usually starts from the time you first start using Sonata. It involves your regular medical checkup to detect any physical or psychological problems. Treatment of Sonata Addiction requires patience and persistence. You need to be prepared to go through severe physical and psychological changes in the first two weeks. As with any other addiction, people with Sonata Addiction are not easily treated and need to take their recovery slowly. Following are some treatment steps to follow for sonata addiction.

The treatment depends on the symptoms, in case the symptoms are physical, then you need to undergo regular sessions of rehabilitation and continue the treatment. In case the symptoms are psychological, then you need to follow counseling sessions. You need to be open to the patient and make sure he/she is not under the influence of any drug.

Drug addiction can be a tough and tiring process but sticking through it is the most crucial part. Always offer help if you find anyone struggling to quit drugs.


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